In series of our projects, your team showed a great understanding of our vertical market and our business, real empathy and fast reaction time.

I am looking forward to our future cooperation in projects for the global market.

Massimo Ascari
Keeway Motors, Italy

INI has proven to be a good partner when it comes to the outline of projects, high quality and speed on implementation, and flexibility on improvements and amendments.

We have chosen them for some of our critical targets and accomplished boosting new businesses.

Daniel Barros, Marketing Manager Europe
SKF, Sweden

My requests have been taken seriously, and after some considerations they have been implemented.

Keep improving. You are doing a great job.

M.J.L. Ostergaard
Haldor Topsoe, Denmark

I was very impressed with the speed of response to my request for assistance. Thanks so very much.

Ardyth Hill
Kennametal Inc, USA

Compettest is now being used by distributors from 20 countries. Expectations of SKF are completely fulfilled, especially in training and education. The concept of 'provoking' user by a question first, and then offering him an answer and explanations proved to be much more efficient than a classic approach.

Milos Byelica
SKF, Sweden

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Customer satisfaction

High satisfaction level in Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2006

Average satisfaction level of our customers in Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2006 surged to 4.73 out of 5, compared to 4.57 in 2005.

For over 80 respondents, average satisfaction level ranged from 4.46 for development and upgrading to 4.80 for quality of software to 4.92 for customer support.