Quality policy

Quality is not only a goal for our company, but it an essential component of our further development and progress.

Our customers require high quality products and services. Our responsibility is to satisfy their needs. If the customer requirements are unclear, we should try to understand their needs and requirements better.

If it happens that we fail to meet a customer requirement, we have to pinpoint the problem and provide a mechanism not to repeat the same mistake again.

Principle goals of our quality system are related to the development and delivery of high quality products and services, on time, and for the most convenient possible price.

Achieving these goals leads to fulfilling and exceeding the desires and expectation of customers, which is our main task to which all activities of the employees and consultants should be devoted to.

In order to achieve these goals, we are dedicated to improve the quality of our products and services permanently by:

  • Continuous improvement of our relationships with customers,
  • Proactive development of all means of customer support
  • Permanent development and refinement of products and services completely in agreement with the needs of customers
  • Mandatory involving all employees in Quality Management System improvement
  • Creating an environment for creative and effective teamwork
  • Permanent improving and increasing our competence and knowledge.
Certified quality

German certificate for high quality of business processes

High quality of our business and development process is certified by German certification body TÜV CERT.


ISO 9001:2008 certificates is issued for the quality of:

  • e-business solutions
  • Web services
  • Software development
  • Training and education.