Key Benefits


You deserve Best-of-Both. Some of the benefits that we offer you are:

  • Deep process understanding
    Knowledge and experience gained in cooperation with worldwide leaders in manufacturing and metal working industry works for you. Unlikely general IT shops, we are specialized, and capable of understanding your business and to effectively solve your problem.
  • Iron-clad own solutions
    Organically developed, based on hundreds of years of combined industrial experience and used daily in Fortune 500 companies worldwide, yet remarkably affordable.
  • Fully global, multicultural and multilingual
    We successfully developed applications in over 30 different languages and have users from more than 100 different countries. We can really help you in globalizing your business and reaching international success.
  • Quality Management certificates
    Highest, certified quality of our development process and solutions for you.
  • Extremely cost effective
    Excellent cost/benefit rate for custom-developed Web solutions -- you'll be amazed what we can do for you for even modest budget.
  • Superior customer care and high flexibility
    Superior customer attention and experience in global communications in real-life global Web projects is combined with our flexibility to conform to your corporate culture and with our commitment to meet your deadlines.
  • Turn-key approach
    We will completely take care of your needs and your applications from day one, and host them on our premium class infrastructure. There is no need for you to purchase additional hardware, to hassle with installation, system software, and additional IT staff.
Contact us, to find together a right solution for your particular case.

My requests have been taken seriously, and after some considerations they have been implemented.

Keep improving. You are doing a great job.

M.J.L. Ostergaard
Haldor Topsoe, Denmark


Worldwide leading companies are our customers. We would be glad to provide you up-to-date solutions, top-notch quality and leading-edge competence, which turned these corporations to our clients. And to transfer you competence and experience that we gained in cooperation with worldwide leaders. For more details, check out our customer list.