Application examples


Industrial B2B search engines
Multifunctional and multilingual search engines for specific industrial niches, as large as hundreds of thousands of products and, bundled with B2B ordering systems. Find out how we did it in SFK Power Transmission Catalogue for with 27000 items, 20 languages.

Distributor community building, with specialized search engines and mono- and multibrand Web sites, powered by dedicated Content Management System and B2B workflow with distributors. .

Product Information Management
Product information management workflow, multilingual and multicurrency, with flexible on-demand sales catalogue generation, directly from the Web. Ideal for managing medium to large product lines, on international market. .

Putting all your competitors’ products from the market, with their prices and properties into one searchable database, and cross-referencing them to each other. A killer application for supporting your sales force against competition. .

Specialized Web Market Surveys
Find out what customers and distributors think about your company, products and services, easier and faster than ever before. Check out how SKF did it with over 25000 interviewees in 24 languages within SKF Customer Satisfaction Survey 2006.

Cross-referencing your products with each other, in clusters where they can be easily sold together (a nice tie with a shirt, a bearing and a spanner), thereby giving your sales force and distributors ultimate tools for boosting sales. .

Equipment kitting and mapping helps you to create virtual product kits conforming to your customers needs, this way further up-selling your products. .


We have chosen them for some of our critical targets and accomplished to boost new businesses

Daniel Barros
Marketing Manager Europe
SKF, Sweden